Minnesota Design/Build Electrician

Let Cedar Lake Electric design a project to meet your individual needs. Our experienced staff will work directly with you. We will learn and understand your facility along with your individual project needs and ideas. All of these things will be incorporated into the project as we develop our design-build solution. Our professional services will meet your most intimate detail. Your final project will reflect you, the customer.

Benefits of Design/Build

  • You, the customer, get to decide what you want and how you would like your project designed.
  • You, the customer, get to work directly with Cedar Lake Electric, Inc. on your design. A wide variety of ideas and designs from our experienced staff are at your fingertips.
  • You, the customer, have final say in the design of your building’s electrical system.
  • All design/build projects meet or exceed the requirements by the State Board of Electricity and any applicable codes.
  • Work directly with our professional, knowledgeable staff on your project.
  • Highly detailed drawings and specifications will be prepared for you and your project.
  • Complete as-built drawings are included upon completion of the project.
  • Cost analysis of your proposed project.

Let Cedar Lake Electric design and layout interior and exterior lighting schemes with photometric drawings for your facility. Some local governments require site lighting drawings before a building permit will be issued. Cedar Lake Electric can do that for you!

Click on the link below to see a few of Cedar Lake Electric’s Design-Build Projects.